Pinewood Derby is an annual event where scouts (and families) build, present, and race their own wooden cars. Siblings can participate as well!

Building the cars is simple. We provide you with the kit of parts and you customize your car. Building a car requires some basic tools like a saw, sandpaper, and paint.

On race day we have a Race Master who comes with a big metal track and races the cars. Trophies are awarded for fastest car AND for best design. We give trophies for both awards for each den, and for the pack as a whole.

Building the cars is fun! Get creative in your design. There are rules for how to build and race the cars. The current district rules can be found on our website by clicking the link below. The general rules for building are:

  • Length, width, and clearance requirements (see rules)

  • Cars can be no heavier than 5oz.

  • Cars must use the pre drilled wheel slots and the wheels and axles that come with the kit

  • All four wheels must touch the track surface.

The fastest car in the pack is eligible to race in the district wide pinewood derby in April

If you are interested in making your car fast there are many resources online. Make sure the modifications you make are allowed by our rules.

2022/23 Pinewood Derby Rules and Regulations

Pinewood Derby Design Template

How to Make the Best Pinewood Derby Car